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QHYCCD PoleMaster
QHYCCD PoleMaster

FOR SALE: PoleMaster Electronic Polar Scope

PoleMaster Electronic PolarScope kit with QHYCCD camera 1.25″ barrel, USB cable, basic accessories. Brand new.

Please note that you may need to purchase adapters from All-Star Telescope or other dealers to successfully use this polar alignment scope with your particular astronomy gear.

Asking: $250

Joe Carr email (250) 744-9981 Victoria

FOR SALE: TeleVue Pronto & accessories

  • Teleview Pronto, serial #4064, 70mm, 480mm, f/6.8
  • Tele Vue Qwik Point
  • 17mm plossl
  • 48mm Nagler
  • 3x Barlow
  • Angle viewer

The telescope was purchased in 1996 and used my daughter and me until 2000 in backyard astronomy. Then it was put away in secure dry storage. It’s in very nice shape.

Asking: $850

Rob Skelly email (236) 971-1782 Pender Island

FOR SALE: Celestron Nexstar 102 GT & accessories

  • Celestron Nexstar 102 GT computerized 4” refractor $140
  • Orion 2” 38mm superwide eyepiece. $60
  • Orion 2” dielectric diagonal. $75
  • Celestron 2” xcel 5mm ocular $50
  • Celestron 2” xcel 18mm ocular $50
  • Will Trion sky atlas laminated field edition. $50
  • Books including Nightwatch and Backyard astronomer $5 each

Each item for sale individually or make offer on all. Despite photos, all in good condition. I am original owner of all these items. Telescope includes 5 eyepieces, battery pack and AC adapter.

Contact Dave Beaumont email (250) 815-5417 – Cowichan Bay

FOR SALE: Stellarvue 102 Apo refractor, HEQ 5 mount & accessories

  • Stellarvue 102 mm F7 Apochromatic Triplet
  • 10 x 60 correct image RA finder scope, F06042
  • Red dot finder, F1001
  • SVF25 focusser
  • Dielectric 99 % 1/10 Lamda viewer. D1028ECF 45 degree prism D1032
  • Pole Master (new) and home-made brass adapter
  • Skywatcher HEQ5 mount with Synscan, and Tripod
  • Eyepieces (new )
    • Explore Scientific Bressler 25mm 70 degree
    • Baader Hyperion 10mm 68 degree , modular, with various adapters
    • Planetary II, 3.2mm, SW
  • Instruction manuals and RASC books
  • Padded bag for scope
  • Aluminum box for mount etc
  • I have a skookum outdoor mount, currently in the lawn at home which I could dig up and include. It is designed to be durable and convenient and easily set to north.

Asking $4,000

John Brears – email – 250 218 1258 (Courtenay)

FOR SALE: SkyShed Pod, 2 telescopes & accessories

As the expression goes, “all good things come to an end”, even for an aging amateur astronomer. Sadly it appears that holds true for me as well. Therefore, I must part with my astronomy equipment. I have attached an inventory list describing the “stuff” that I have available, listing the original cost, the purchase date and the name of suppliers from whom the articles were purchased.

In addition, most of the articles have the original packing containers (clamshells) and all in all, are in excellent condition.

  • Meade 10″ Starfinder Newtonian c/w Equatorial Mount
  • Sky-Watcher EQ6 Pro Mount c/w Tripod & Counterweights
  • Meade LX90 12″ ACF SCT c/w Mount & Autostar Controller
  • Numerous eyepieces and filters – refer to detailed inventory list
  • XL-2 Desert Tan SkyShed Pod
  • Detailed Inventory List (pdf)

New price: approximately $20,000. Make offers.

Larry J. Samoil – email
Nanoose Bay, BC
Tel: 250.468.5757

FOR SALE: Skywatcher Flextube 200P 200mm (8”) Synscan Computerized GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope with original and bonus accessories.

Condition: Like new

  • With proper alignment, the Synscan computerized system finds thousands of celestial objects without any manual searching.
  • The Synscan system will track the object being observed, keeping it in the centre of the field of view.
  • Manual searching of objects is possible if one wishes to test one’s star-finding ability.
  • The flextube design allows for relatively easy transportation of the scope and its base in a mid-size SUV vehicle (rest base on its side in a Subaru Outback or equivalent vehicle)
  • The telescope accepts both 1.25” and 2’’ eyepieces.
  • This is not a beginner’s level telescope. Novices entering amateur astronomy should expect a high learning curve with this telescope.
  • Fully assembled. No assembly from boxes necessary. 

Original accessories:

  • The telescope come with a Plossl 25mm eyepiece, a Plossl 10mm eyepiece, an 8×50 finderscope, a 2” eyepiece adaptor, the Synscan computerized system and manuals. 

Bonus features:

  • A 2” 34 mm Sybony eyepiece providing a 2.05 degree true field of view at 35x magnification. Makes for spectacular wide starry sky viewing. My favourite eyepiece!
  • A Celestron Omni Barlow lens for doubling the magnification.
  • A SR 4mm (Symmetric Ramsden) eyepiece offering 300x power. This is a fairly low quality eyepiece which ultimately should be replaced for better quality.
  • Celestron Cheshire type collimator eyepiece for optical alignment.
  • Meade 4000 series moon filter.
  • Zhumell O-LLL filter for discerning nebulae.
  • Astro AI AC to DC Converter, 110v to 12v (necessary equipment).
  • 12 foot automobile auxiliary power outlet (plug-in) extension cord for when out in the field without a source of power for the telescope.
  • Custom made portable base for the telescope designed to:
    • wheel the telescope from points A to B when on a smooth surface (not on interlocking brick or rough surfaces) 
    • level the telescope on uneven terrain (e.g., grass, sloped driveway, etc.) with adjustment screws.
    • provide a higher base for the telescope  often promoting more comfortable viewing positions.

The owner would be pleased to instruct and to demonstrate to the buyer the operation of this telescope system.

Price: $1,900

Contact Ray Tomusiak – 250 743-5686 (Cobble Hill) – email

FOR SALE: Williams Optics ZenithStar 73 APO Refractor

This as-new condition air-spaced doublet APO is a delight to use, both visually and for astrophotography. The FPL-53 extra low dispersion glass gives a tack sharp chroma free 1.83 arcsecond resolution.  With a quality carrying case, and weighing 5.5 pounds, it’s a great portable grab-and-go scope.  The fit and finish is excellent, with no damage.

At f/5.9 focal length, this scope serves best to view and capture wide-field objects, such as nebulae and star clusters.  The image of the Rosette Nebula was taken with six hours of exposure on this setup.

See Trevor Jones’ (Astrobackyard) review of this scope.

I will sell this scope as factory equipped, with the OTA, 2.5″ rack and pinion focuser, 2″ to 1.25″ eyepiece adapter, retractable lens shade, mounting rings, built-in Bahtinov mask and carrying case for $750.

Or I can configure it for astrophotography with the following additional equipment (you pick which features you need.)  These items have been carefully matched to achieve the best results with this telescope.  Just add a quality mount (Celestron AVX?) and you’re good to go!  These prices are GOOD, as I’d love to see this rig go to a dedicated astrophotographer:

  • Pegasus Astro Focus Cube v2 – $275
  • Adjustable reducer flattener Flat73R – $150
  • 50mm Starwave guidescope and camera – $375
  • ZWO 5x “Mini” powered filter wheel – $200
  • ZWO ASI294 MM Pro monochrome camera – $1,190
  • ZWO ASI183 MM Pro monochrome camera – $990
  • Optolong LRGB 1.25″ filter set – $140
  • Narrowband filters, prices on request

Asking $750 for the basic system.

Contact Doug MacDonald – (250)884-2646 (Victoria)

FOR SALE: Meade LX-90 telescope, mount & accessories

  • Meade LX-90 8” f/10
  • Telrad
  • Kendrick Dew Heater Dual Channel with 3 heaters: Corrector, Telrad and EP Kendrick Battery Pack
  • Bob’s Knobs – Collimation
  • 2” Star Diagonal (Astro-Tech)
  • Baader Hyperion Mk IV Zoom
  • TeleVue 55mm Plossl
  • TeleVue x2 Barlow
  • Meade 9mm EP
  • Chinese 32mm Plossl
  • 11⁄4” Star Diagonal (Meade)
  • AstoTech 10 x 5 RACI Finder and Base
  • Illuminated Reticle EP
  • Observing Chair
  • Comes in a fitted plastic box

Asking $3,000.00 (Less than the cost of a new LX90)

Contact: Terry Flight email (View Royal)

Celestron AVX Go-to Equatorial Mount
Celestron AVX Go-to Equatorial Mount

FOR SALE: Celestron AVX Go-to Equatorial Mount

These are very good Equatorial mounts especially for astrophotography but also work great for visual astronomy. This mount has been used very little and works very well. The payload capacity is 30 lbs.

Included is the mount, tripod, hand control, and 2 counterweights.

Asking $950

Contact Bob Nelson email – (250) 245-3770 (Ladysmith)