President’s Message – April 2013

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There is little to report on the observing front other than that two wonderfully clear March nights appeared amidst the cloudy/rainy/windy and moonlit drear that is our winter season. These two nights enabled me to check off two more objects on the RASC Deep Sky Challenge List, a list that is a “challenge” indeed. According to the RASC website, the certificate has been given out six times since its inception, once to our own Bill Weir. It is easy to see why: the pace is usually two or three objects per observing session, assuming the conditions are excellent, and not merely “good,” given that the objects are hard to find and even harder to see. These same two nights led to some amazing imaging by Centre members. Check it out on our website. The comet images are spectacular! Observations & Photo gallery

Next, our own International Astronomy Day is coming up on the 27th, and if the weather and good luck cooperate, it should be a good one, thanks to the efforts of Sherry Buttnor. You should be hearing from Sherry, or Sid, shortly, to get you onto the list of volunteers. The event is at the University of Victoria, which has proven to be an excellent venue for the event.

Last, and certainly not least, is that our General Assembly 2014 planning is now in full swing. There is a subcommittee for practically every field of endeavor, from finance to art direction. Contact co-chairs Paul Schumacher (2014 GA) or Mark Bohlman (NationalRep) to see where you can fit in.

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