Pro-Am Double Star discoveries by Michel Michaud

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We would like to highlight the exceptional work accomplished by one of our members. As you may know Michel Michaud has been busy photographing stars in the Pleiades. Last year Michel submitted a paper titled “Double Star Measurements in the Pleiades Cluster Using a DSLR Camera” to the University of South Alabama. This paper was subsequently published in the October 2012 edition of the Journal of Double Star Observations.

President’s Message – March 2013

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This last month has passed without much to excite the observers and imagers among us, although occasionally, in the midst of weeks and weeks of cloudy nights, a clear night will slip through, more likely than not accompanied by a large, bright, moon. In my logbook, so far this year, I have recorded one night of observing.

Don Dundee 1926-2013

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Don served the Victoria Centre in many capacities during the more than thirty years he was a member. Those who remember him will recall that he was a quiet, modest man who took pride in doing things well. Many will remember his keen support for the Hobby Show each year and many other activities that he was involved in.

President’s Message – January 2013

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Here’s hoping for all of us and ours a happy and healthy new year, complete with dozens upon dozens of observing opportunities; opportunities which are traditionally completely lacking here in the months of October, November and December. This being a “new beginning,” at least insofar as the calendar is concerned, it is a good time to remind ourselves of what lies ahead of us for the next two years, plus pat ourselves on the back a bit.

President’s Message – December 2012

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The first meeting of the new Victoria Centre Council was held December 5 at the Astronomy Department lounge in the Elliott Building on the UVic campus. After the requisite reports were given, Council’s attention was drawn to what will be our next big challenge: our hosting of the 2014 National RASC General Assembly, in celebration of the Centennial year of Victoria Centre. The committee charged with organizing the event, to be held at the University of Victoria, is led by Paul Schumacher, Lauri Roche, and Mark Bohlman. Interested in helping? Contact any of the three.

President’s Message – October 2012

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I hope you are continuing to enjoy this magnificent weather we are having and that you have spent many of your now longer evenings and cooler nights looking up. The past few nights have been dark and delicious, with great transparency and “seeing” that makes us realize how great it is to be an amateur astronomer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it lasted for many months more but, alas, it is October and we know what is coming!

President’s Message – September 2012

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Welcome back from a busy summer for the RASC in Victoria. Starting back in June with the spectacular Transit of Venus through to the three warm, sunny days at the end of August at the Saanich Fair, our volunteers were kept hopping from one event to the other up and down Vancouver Island. We were at the Esquimalt Buccaneer Days, the Saanich Strawberry Festival, attended four Provincial Park programs from Goldstream to Miracle Beach, and presented other sessions with the Victoria Libraries and city parks programs. Some of our members were able to enjoy the camaraderie and a few brief sucker holes up at the Island Star Party in July but we capped it all off with our wonderful RASCals Star Party in Metchosin in the middle of August. We kept up our presence on the “Hill” at the CU on Saturday evenings during the summer and our active members had some great skies on view at our own VCO. Thanks to everyone who supported our public programs. We couldn’t keep up our mission of bringing Astronomy to everyone without you.

Geoff Jones 1928-2012

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JONES, Geoffrey Burrett Died peacefully on July 6, 2012 , in Victoria, B.C. He was born on May 2, 1928, in Calgary, Alberta. Predeceased by his wife of 48 years, Mary; Geoffrey is survived by his children, Ted (Susana) and Bronwen (Mark); his grandchildren, Gisela and Fernando and his three nieces, Wendy (Pat), Carol and Susan. A Memorial Service will be held in MCCALL BROS. FLORAL CHAPEL, Johnson & Vancouver Streets, on Saturday, July 21, 2012 at 2:30 pm with a reception to follow in McCall’s Family Centre. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC. Condolences may be offered to the family at McCall Bros.

President’s Message – June 2012

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Wasn’t that just one glorious afternoon we had for the Transit of Venus! We were so very lucky here in Victoria to have the clouds uncover at just the right time so that we were able to unpack the telescopes and get out to various locations around the CRD. The RASC volunteers were at their best, and they had to be to ensure that the crowds of people who came to see the Transit were all given time at the telescopes. Down at the museum there were over a thousand visitors, some having come from the mainland at the last moment, some making time out of their working day to come to view Venus and some just wandering over to see what the crowds were all about, not knowing they were seeing an astronomical event for the last time this century. Mount Tolmie had snaking lines of people waiting patiently to look through the various telescopes, at the same time trying to keep from being blown away with the wind. Cattle Point was very busy and Metchosin site had many locals dropping in there as well. Sid Sidhu has said that this was the biggest one day event for the RASC in Victoria since he has been with the club and since he is the keeper of the “numbers” I won’t doubt him at all.