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President's Message - Summer 2007

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by Joe Carr

Typical Skyshed - note ours will not have windows (or flowers)!Those of you who attended the special Astronomy Caf� which was held July 23rd at the Centre of the Universe will already know we have kicked off the fundraising campaign for Victoria Centre's Observatory project. The National Research Council has very generously agreed to give our members use of the old 16" site atop Observatory Hill for the purpose of a Victoria Centre Observatory. They have also agreed to contribute $5,000 to our Observatory Project for 2007, and they have agreed to provide telephone, ADSL Internet, and electrical services at no cost to us on an ongoing basis. NRC and Victoria Centre have mutually agreed to build a 10'x14' SkyShed on this site.

Many active observers already make good use of the old 16" site under our License to Use Land Agreement with NRC, but I'm sure you will agree that having an observatory on this site is a milestone for Victoria Centre.

Victoria Centre Council has endorsed the project budget for 2007 (please see below), and has approved purchase of a Paramount ME robotic mount. Council members will be contacting every member by telephone over the next few weeks to appeal to you to contribute to our Observatory project. Our target is to raise $10,000 by the time we hold our September 12th monthly meeting. These funds will be used to pay for our share of the observatory infrastructure:

bulletpart of the cost of the Skyshed not covered by NRC's contribution
bulletbuilding the pier - both the concrete base and the steel pier itself
bulletwiring installation for hydro, telephone and Internet service

In order to keep our 2007 budget within our means, this year's budget does not include a telescope - that comes next year. Several members have offered to donate use of their scopes in the interim.

You can contribute anytime over the summer, up to and including the September 12th monthly meeting. If at all possible, please pledge an amount you are comfortable with when a Council member contacts you. Please note that our Treasurer is on vacation for the summer, so please send your cheques to:

RASC Victoria Centre
c/o Joe Carr
3046 Jackson St
Victoria, BC V8T 3Z8

Make cheques payable to "RASC Victoria Centre"

Tax receipts will be issued for all donations.

Please accept my personal thanks to those Victoria Centre members who have already sent in their donation. As I write this, I can report that we are well on the way to our target of $10,000! I would also like to thank our two vice presidents, Sid Sidhu and John McDonald for the significant amount of work they have put into this project to date. Without their efforts, this project would not be happening.

For further background information about the Observatory Project

bulletObservatory Project - updates, information and photos
bulletParamount ME Box Opening - August 6, 2007
bullet President's Message - June 2007.

Victoria Centre Observatory Budget 2007
As of July 24, 2007


NRC contribution   $ 5,000
BCGC funding       $10,000
Centre savings     $ 6,000
Fundraising        $ 9,800
Total Income       $30,800

Skyshed            $ 7,180
Electrical         $ 5,720
Concrete pier        $ 200
Steel pier           $ 200
Paramount ME mount $16,000
Contingency        $ 1,500
Total Expenses     $30,800


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Last updated: December 12, 2013

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